Product Spotlight: The Sparkr Windproof Plasma Lighter & Flashlight

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Every good prepper knows the importance of having a fire starter. It’s often one of the first things that we think of when we’re doing any talk about survival gear and the tools that you need to do the jobs, but sometimes you just want something more than a flint and steel firestarter. You should always carry more than one type of fire starter, anyway, but even if you have more than one, all of the current options are… well… kind of limited.

Plasma Lighters're Cool, Man

A plasma lighter is a pretty badass little tool all by itself. They look almost like a taser, but they’re better than regular lighters in so many ways:

  • they don’t run out of fluid
  • they don’t fail to light up in the wind
  • they don’t fail in the rain

It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, right?

Every Prepper Needs A Solid Flashlight, Too

Flashlights are a great utility to have around, also, but they’re best when they’re bright, rechargeable, and as bright as the desert sun. There are lots of great standalone flashlights on the market, but that’s not what we’re gonna talk about here today. Maybe in another post.

The Sparkr Plasma Lighter & Flashlight Does Both

It’s not hard to see how this little bugger could be useful in a bad situation.

Instead of creating an open flame that can be extinguished by wind or rain, the Sparkr creates an electrical arc instead. So, it doesn’t matter what the weather is, you’ll get a heat source every single time! When you recharge the 3,350 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, it makes sure that it sparks every time you press the button.

For safety purposes, the button on this bad boy has to be pressed 3 times before it will work. It might be a little inconvenient at times, but it will help prevent unwanted accidents. The last thing you want to do out in the woods is accidentally start a wildfire.

The Flashlight Can Be Used As A Lantern, Too

The flashlight is amazing with 150 lumens of light and a wide angle beam, so no matter where you are or how dark it is, you’ll be able to get to where you’re going without tripping over anything (no accounting for clumsiness on your part, though!) It also has 3 brightness settings, so you’ll be able to use the right amount of light for what you need and save your battery life.

Fantastic Battery Life

The battery, as we’ve mentioned, is a 3,350 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion. This powers the flashlight on low for up to 16 hours and 4 hours total on its highest setting. Even when you haven’t used it in a while, the battery still keeps its charge, lasting up to a full year.

And It's All Rechargeable Via USB

The other cool thing about this is that you can recharge it with a Micro USB cable! This means that as long as you have a source of power, whether it’s a solar charger or even a Biolite camping stove, you can charge it right up.

The Sparkr Mini: Pocketsized Badassery

We can’t finish up this article without talking about the Sparkr Mini. This is a strong, independent lighter that don’t need no fluid!

It also has a built-in 15 lumen LED light and fits right in your pocket or purse, so if you’re a chick and you’ve never really considered carrying around a lighter or a flashlight, it might be time to get one of these.

Where Can You Get Them Both?

This Kickstarter project is scheduled to deliver to backers by June of 2017. Click here to learn more about it.

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