Food Storage Prepping For Beginners

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One of the most universal aspects of prepping is easily food storage. Food is one of the utmost necessities and if you do not have a sizable supply of food then you are seriously lacking in the prepping department.

Storing up food is something that sounds simple enough on paper but if you have not taken the necessary steps to make sure that you are storing your food smartly and safely then your likelihood of surviving any of the scenarios that you are prepping for are pretty slim. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure that you have enough food on hand for any disaster that you may be prepping for.

Shop Smart

One of the most important things to understand about food storage is that it ultimately does not matter what kind of budget you have, whether you have a large or small budget, you need to shop smart in order to get the maximum amount of food stored up. If you have the time and ability then couponing is always strongly recommended as you can not only stock up on a lot of food items but important items such as toiletries.

You need to make sure to have a fair bit of variety in your food supply. Hundreds of cans of beans may seem practical but they will certainly lead to not only low morale as time goes, but also nutritional deficiency. Man cannot live on beans alone. Stock a lot of variety and keep the tastes of others who may be surviving with you in mind.

Shop Considerately For Friends & Family

Nobody wants to have to survive alone through a crisis. If you have more than one other person who will be getting through a crisis with you then it is important that you keep their needs and preferences in mind while you stock up. Doing this will serve as a major morale booster and help to ensure that you have as few problems as possible.

Watch Expiration Dates Carefully

Canned foods can last for years or even over a decade without spoilage, so as long as a can isn’t bulging or damaged at the seam, it’s highly likely that it’s fine to eat. This is not the case for food that comes in boxes or bags. Those items DO have definitive spoilage times on them that aren’t long. If you are storing up boxed food that you have only a certain window of opportunity in place for that food to actually be edible.

If you are not staying on top of expiration dates then you could potentially be wasting a lot of space. It is a good idea to organize your food in relation to its expiration date along with the type of food that it is. Create a system that you can easily track, and more importantly rotate out. This will ensure that your food supply is always current and relatively future proof.

Keep Cooking Needs In Mind

It does not matter if you think you can be content with eating food straight from the can, you are going to want to cook your food at some point. If you are ever put in a scenario in which there is no power available to you then you need to have a plan B at the ready.

You need to have plenty of matches, lighter fluid, and lighters. If you have a gas powered camp stove then that is even better. The point is that you must have some kind of firestarter available. Even if you live in an urban/suburban area where odds of a major power outage are less likely having these things on hand is certainly better than not having them.

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