The Best Crossbows For Survival: They’re Not What You Think

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The crossbow is a great weapon for survival purposes as long as you truly know what its place is. If you don’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of them, you’re likely to misunderstand what they’re ideally used for in a survival situation and as a consequence, likely to not get the results you were aspiring for. In this article, we’ll discuss this and then point you to some great crossbows.

Benefits of a Crossbow over a Gun

There are a lot of disagreements on what makes a crossbow better than a gun, but there’s no denying this one: you don’t have to have any type of permit or paperwork to have one on you or with you. If you want to buy one, it’s as simple as ordering one online and having it shipped wherever you want. (That’s where our products down below come in, but you’ll get there!)

A Safer Weapon Around Kids

Have a spouse that isn’t too enthused about letting you have a gun in the house because you have children? A crossbow is extremely difficult for a child to use, if not impossible because of the strength it takes to notch an arrow. No trigger locks necessary for children; they just don’t have the strength to draw it.

A Multipurpose Weapon

You may think of using this as a defensive or offensive weapon in a survival situation, but you’d be missing the mark if you think that would be its best use. While it can technically be used for defense or offense, its best use in survival is for hunting.

Less Likely To Be Stolen Or Used Against You

Even if someone breaks into your house, they’re going to be much less likely to steal your crossbow than they will one of your firearms. Why? They probably don’t know how to use it or know how much it’s worth if they plan on reselling it. There’s much more of a black resell market for guns than there is one for crossbows.

Additionally, an assailant may take your crossbow from you, but it’s highly likely that they won’t know how to use it quickly, if at all. And that gives you time to escape… or get it back from them. Your pick.

Learning Isn't As Expensive As Firearms

A crossbow isn’t something that you can pick up and instantly know how to use with accuracy and efficiency, but it’s definitely cheaper to learn to use than a gun. Ammunition for a gun, especially when you’re first learning how to shoot, can get expensive quick, especially depending on what type of rounds you need.

Multipurpose Components

When you have a crossbow, the components that make up the bow can be used for different tasks, as well. The arrows can be used as stabbing weapons or as spears for fishing or the bow string can be used for other things you would want string for. It’s always best to keep some extra of each of these around just for these purposes.

Why I prefer a recurve crossbow for survival situations.

1. Reliability
2. Virtually indestructable
3. Less moving parts like cams on compound crossbows
4. Fraction of the cost of compound crossbows

This weapons primary use will likely always be as a quite way to hunt for food in a survival situation. If you are looking for an offensive bow, you need to learn the recurve bow. But, even then you should never bring a bow of any type to a gun fight.

The walking dead is not reality.

Barnett Recruit Recurve

Simple, well put together and tough as nails. I’ve dropped mine many times with nothing broken.

Want the cherry on top?

It’s deadly accurate out to about 50 yards and is surprisingly low cost for what you get in return.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow

The SA Sports Fever 175 pound recurve crossbow is low cost, high impact.

Rugged, comes with the scope and commonly have pass-through when used hunting deer.

It packs a punch, and is accurate enough to hunt small game, making it a best choice for survivalist and preppers.

This is a great choice with a simple, yet powerful crossbow.

SAS Jaguar Recurve Crossbow

A little heavier than the other two, but still a great choice for people who want that added security of being able to hunt quietly without sacrificing power.

This thing sends bolts hard!

They are on target out to the 40 to 50 yard range. I believe it would be more accurate at further ranges with a better targeting optical.

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