3 Ways to Make Prepping Easier On Yourself

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When you stop and think about prepping it can sound like a pretty miserable experience, especially if you do not tend to fit the usual demographic of preppers. For many prepping is not simply something one does, it is a complete lifestyle. If you are the kind of person who is not able to commit to that kind of lifestyle and merely needs to have things in place should a crisis or disaster ever come about.

Prepping is an investment that can be rather costly so if you are going to commit to it without taking part in the lifestyle then here are some things you can do to make it more comfortable for you.


If you want to build up a decent stock of emergency food then couponing is absolutely a must. Couponing can be an arduous activity but if you use the right websites and resources you can easily cut back on the amount of time and effort you have to spend. Just remember that the bit of time and effort that you put in will significantly cut back on the amount of money that you have to spend.

One of the easiest ways to get a lot of paper coupons that you wouldn’t normally have access to is to develop a good relationship with the person that delivers your mail. They may give you any extra circulars that have coupons in them if they run out of places to deliver them to.


One of the most valuable tools for prepping is on your desktop or in your pocket: the internet. Using social media you can network with thousands of preppers who are just like you. You can get tips from seasoned preppers or make connections with people who are just starting to prep like you. The idea is that you now have an additional pool of resources to draw from. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two.

Use What You Have

If you really want to start prepping in seriousness then the first thing you need to is pool from what you have already. The last thing you need to do is shell out hundreds of dollars on a complete bug out bag or first aid kit if you have a good start on such sets on your own.

A normal duffel bag that can serve as the beginning of your bug out bag. If you already have a fair number of medical supplies at your disposal, then that can be the beginning of your first aid kit. Utilizing the things that you already have can be a serious money saver down the line.

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